Friday, September 15, 2017

Aunt Shelly!

Shelly surprised me on Monday with a visit. She got to my house around 9:45 in the morning. I was at the gym and the majority of the time I do my class and then come home. This particular day I did the next class, stopped for gas, and took my time helping Lacey change the DVD in the car before I returned to my house. It was almost 12 before Lacey and I got back home. She had a hilarious Instagram story to post as she sat there exhausted because she had taken the red-eye and then we waiting forever to for me to get home! I loved having her here and I'm going through some withdrawals with her gone. 
My kids loved having her here. We went to lunch with them at school, played at the park, and had some great Shelly time! 

We spent a day in DC running around the monuments and eating yummy food! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School 2017-2018.

Back-to-School night 2017
Logan 1st Grade with Ms. Thomas. 

Leah 3rd Grade Mrs. Mansberger

Landon 3rd Grade with Ms. Galvin. 

First day of school and they were all up early ready to go. From back-to-school night we can tell the this year will be MUCH better then last. So excited to get back into routine and schedules! 

Jer had to work for their first day but left them a cute note at the bus stop on the side walk. He really is the best!  

Here's to a Great school year!! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Virginia Safari Park!

Across the street from the Natural Bridge is the Virginia Safari Park. We thought about doing things on Jer and I's To-Do list, but made the last day of summer fun for the kids. The Park is a drive though that you feed the animals along the way. Hands down one of the favorite things that  we have done here on the East coast. The kids were a little timid at first to feed the cows, but I don't blame them! The size and force of some of them was intimidating for Jer and I. 

They had a walk-through section as well. We got to pet all sorts of animals including a camel.

One of the highlights of the walk-through was the birds. Logan bypassed the sticks and got them to land directly on his hand. I think we were in this little enclosure for a good half hour catching bird after bird before we made the kids move on.  It was a wonderful final day of summer!! 

Natural Bridge.

For Labor day we tool a little road trip to check some things off our ever growing TO-DO list back East. This one included the Natural Bridge. 

These pictures do not do it justice, it was beautiful! 

Salt Cave was created when the water level was higher and washed it out.

We took the mile hike to the waterfall that was a little disappointing, but there were hundreds of caterpillars along the way and more dogs then we can remember names for, so the kids didn't complain one little bit.