Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Day Weekend.

We stayed put for the long weekend. It was cold and we tool a little family time since things have been a little crazy around here and Jer has been busy with work. We enjoys many cups of hot chocolate over the weekend. The kids love it as much as I do!

It was cold but Leah asked me to take her how could I say no. Then Lacey wanted to join us so I had to go. I love that some of my healthy habits have taken effect of my kids! 

We did go to the pet store and terrorize the animals for a little bit. My kids could spend the whole day here. It was a uneventful weekend, but one our little family needed. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

October Randomness.

Bus stop shenanigans. Making a shadow monster!

Me and my buddy doing our nails. 

Trying to convince dad to allow them some screen time!

Always fun crafts from Grandpa and Nanda Cindy!

Our hover ball. I love that the kids took cover! 

Making some potions! 

Michelle was in town so we met up at the monument to say catch up with one another!

Our visitor from the back deck! 

Gravily Park and Law Enforcement memorial.

After dropping grandma off we staying in DC for a little bit to see some sight and not be in the car for another hour! It was overcast for gravily park, but it was really cool to watch the planes take off and disappear into the clouds. The kids loves chasing the dumb pigeons!! 

The law enforcement memorial is one that Jer has wanted to see, but it's not super close to anything so we made it our random stop for the day! 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Grandma Desi and Grandpa Greg.

My mom came out on Halloween to spend the week with us. I was a little shocked that she was here, but the kids love to have visitors so we enjoyed the time we had her and my dad here. 

We played lots of games, and puzzles. 

Landon and Leah had a field trip to Ferry Farms that my mom and dad chaperoned. They had never been and the kids wanted them to join not me. I took Lacey and Logan to the Dr. for croup! It always seems that my kids get sick when visitors are here. 

School Lunch is always a must if you come to visit my kids. They love to show people off to their friends. 

It was stake temple day while my mom was here so Jer and I took full advantage of having here watch the kids so we could attend the temple together for the first time since moving here. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween 2017! Logan was  Zombie/ Frankenstein and stayed in charter all night. Leah was Cleopatra. Lacey was a snow leopard. Landon was a soldier from Halo. Halloween is kind-of lame here the kids don't do parties or parades the schools just do book character days. But between Dad work trunk-or-treat, the ward trunk-or-treat, and trick-or-treating we got some good use out of our costumes and a TON of candy! 

Pumpkin carving 2017! Everyone but Lacey did their all by themselves! 

We did our spooky dinner early while Brecken and Raymond were here! 

The kids sold 50 pieces of candy back to the dentist for $5...we still have to whole treat bins full! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Brecken and Raymond.

Brecken made the trek to come visit us during our time here in Virginia. It was so fun having her and Raymond here! 

We spent Saturday in DC just hanging out on the Mall. 

Feeding the squirrels and playing ball. 

Raymond was wearing the Pj's that used to be Landon and Logan's, it was fun to see them on a little again!

Logan had a special relationship with Raymond! It was so cute. The morning that they were leaving Logan came into my room crying saying "I don't want Raymond and Brecken to leave" I felt the exact same way!!

We LOVE our baby Ray! (and Brecken) 

She was such a trooper traveling alone with him and I'm so grateful that she came!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Primary Program 2017!

First year with all my kiddos in the Primary Program. They all did a fabulous job! SO proud of them!